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  • Mobile phone batteries cannot sustain the playback of education videos.
  • Penxy narrated slide presentations have a 10x smaller file size, therefore consume
  • less resources and unlock a true mobile-first experience to "on the go" learners.
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How it works

1. Upload the presentation file to and display it via webpage for your audience.
2. The speaker can advance slides same way.
3. The computer records the speaker’s voice.
4. will automatically create and upload a narrated presentation, available at unique link for viewing or embedding.
What people say?

“We highly valued Penxy individualized service, accessibility and commitment to customer service as we used their app to record our annual meeting sessions.”

“By recording with Penxy we’ve reached more than 2,000 people online. Considering that setup was simple and fast we are definitely going to use it further.”

“With hardly any effort, you get an awesome multimedia version of your talk with slides plus audio that you can embed on any web page.”

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